EFLM Scientific Award for Laboratory Medicine 2019 – sponsored by Roche

This award has been created to honour an individual, who is a member of an EFLM National Society and has made unique contributions to the promotion and understanding of clinical chemistry throughout Europe or has made one or more contributions that have had a major impact on Laboratory Medicine.

The award consists of an amount of EUR 5.000 to be used by the winner for further educational activities. The Award will be presented to the winner at the 23rd IFCC-EFLM EuroMedLab Congress to be held in Barcelona (SP) from 19 to 23 May 2019.


The nominee’s contributions to promoting laboratory medicine at European level and/or promoting European laboratory medicine internationally should be well known and demonstrated by measurable outputs that made significant impact at scientific/clinical/educational/quality/organisational/policy/public level.

 Application procedure

  •  The nominated individual must be from a National Society which is a member of EFLM who fulfils the criteria and purpose of this award.
  • None of the officers of the EFLM (i.e. members of the executive board and committee chairs) are eligible for the Award during their term of office.
  • Nomination must be made through a formal letter submitted by a National Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Society which is a full member of EFLM. The EFLM Executive Board encourages nominations of individuals from a country different from that one of the nominating person.
  • Applications must include a statement with the reasons for the nomination, highlighting the accomplishments of the candidate along the lines of the listed eligibility criteria.
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by curriculum vitae of the nominee including a bibliography demonstrating the individual’s scientific or professional achievements.
  • The nominee needs not be aware that a nomination has been made.
  • The nomination must contain a statement that the individual was not nominated in the same year for any other EFLM or IFCC award.

Nominations and all supporting documents must be in English and submitted electronically to the EFLM office (eflm@eflm.eu) by 31 March 2019

Applications will be assessed by a panel of independent judges appointed by the EFLM Executive Board.