IFCC Annual Report for 2012

The IFFC Annual Report for 2012 is now available here.


  • IFCC General Conference – Kuala Lumpur (MY), November 2012
  • Molecular Biology Course – Kuala Lumpur (MY), November 2012
  • Abbott Laboratories’ annual sponsorship for the IFCC VLP programme
  • Roche/IFCC Travel Scholarship
  • 13th Bergmeyer Conference “Vitamin D in Health and Disease”, Eibsee (Germany), March 2012
  • 13th Arab Congress of Clinical Biology (ArabMedLab 2012), Marrakech (Morocco), May 2012
  • 60th Anniversary of IFCC
  • IFCC/ESCCA Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometry course february 2012

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