EFLMLabX initiative

Stimați colegi,

Vă înaintăm mesajul EFLM privind posibilitatea efectuării unor stagii de perfecționare în Europa. Detalii mai jos.

EFLMLabX: the EFLM platform to offer and find training opportunities in Europe!


Dear All,


This is to remind you the EFLMLabX initiative: a platform developed by the EFLM Working Group on Congresses and Postgraduate Education where Specialists in Laboratory Medicine can offer and find training opportunities in Europe.


The EFLMLabX platform is accessible from the homepage of the EFLM website (www.eflm.eu) or directly at https://eflmlabx.eflm.eu/en. The programme offers the possibility to search with dropdown menu by country, institution, type of practice, field of diagnostics, period of time, methods, sub-methods and to apply to different training opportunities establishing direct links between users and providers.


Who and why should apply as USER:

Trainees, young specialists and any Specialists in Laboratory Medicine from EFLM National Society Members to gain new skills, to be potential co-workers, to get more knowledge and experience on different methods, on IVD products/systems not present in their labs, to make new experiences and establish new contacts.


Who and why should host as PROVIDER:

National institutions and medical laboratories in any EFLM country offering a good level of practice to share with other Specialists in Laboratory Medicine as good models of achieved lab practice and to expose these models to a wide audience in Europe.


We look forward to getting as many people as possible involved in this very important EFLM educational initiative.

Detailed information on EFLMLabX can be found at  https://eflmlabx.eflm.eu/en


With kindest regards,


Daria Pasalic

Chair EFLM Committee on Education and Training


Evgenija Homsak

Chair EFLM Working Group “Congresses and Postgraduate Education”