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Growing the EFLM Register of Specialists in Laboratory Medicine

The EFLM Register is unique in identifying medical, scientific and pharmacy trained registrants across the European Union able to meet an Equivalence of Standards in scope of specialist practice in laboratory medicine. The Register adds weight of argument to the case for recognition of Specialists in Laboratory Medicine in a Common Training Framework under EU Directive 2013/55/EC (The Recognition of Professional Qualifications). As a charter mark of professional status it supports individuals in many countries. As an arbiter of high standards it supports equivalent, high quality education and training across the European Union and in turn the safety of patients accessing laboratory medicine services. 

Growing the Register and achieving a Common Training Framework are key, linked strategic imperatives for EFLM. The attached survey is designed at growth of the Register by:

  • Supporting registration from national societies able to meet EFLM’s Equivalence of Standards
  • Determining whether national societies whose Equivalence of Standards had previously been approved are still able to meet recently updated criteria.

We would be exteremely grateful if you would complete the following surveys by the end of May 2018 even if the professional group is not represented at specialist level:

  1. For medically trained doctors:
  2. For scientist trained professionals:
  3. For pharmacist trained professionals:


An outcome report will be issued early summer 2018.