Bursă pentru tineri cercetători

Stimați colegi,

Vă înaintăm mesajul EFLM privind bursele acordate în cadrul congresului EFLM din Antalya.

Formularul de aplicare poate fi descărcat de aic: EFLM Bursary Application Form – Antalya.

Detalii la adresa http://eflm-uems-antalya2018.org/

EFLM is promoting a bursary programme for Young Scientists attending the 5th joint EFLM-UEMS Congress to be held on 10-13 October 2018 in Antalya.

The bursaries will cover the cost of the travel, 3-night accommodation and registration fee for a maximum of Eur 750. EFLM bursary recipients will also receive a free on-line yearly subscription to Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM), kindly offered by de Gruyter.

Eligible candidates must come from an EFLM Member Society and meet the following criteria:

  • Young participants (≤35y at the date of the conference);
  • Having a poster abstract accepted as First Author (deadline for abstract submission June 30, 2018)

Applications must be submitted through the attached application form and accompanied by the following documentation:

  1. Copy of the ID or passport,
  2. Document proving the membership to the EFLM National Society,
  3. Notification of poster acceptance (acceptance/rejection will be sent by the congress organizers within July 31, 2018)

Applications have to be sent to silvia.cattaneo@eflm.eu within Thursday August 30, 2018.

With kindest regards,

Daria Pasalic

Chair of the EFLM Education and Training Committee